Workplace Wellness creates a culture of positive, productive staff members. When employees are centered and relaxed, they adapt better. They embrace change more easily. They listen more attentively.  A skill set that all clients appreciate!  Other benefits of Workplace Wellness include enhanced, constructive collaboration among peers, improved conflict resolution skills, and a renewal of team spirit.

Staff members who are present, in the moment, and focused on their clients create happy, repeat customers!

If you’re looking for a Workplace Wellness program for your organization, you’ve come to the right place!  Through a series of Wellness classes or workshop trainings, employees will learn:

  • Breathing techniques for calm and relaxation
  • Effective team building skills
  • Improv for social and emotional engagement
  • Mindfulness to rejuvenate, balance, and restore
  • Resiliency and stress management techniques
  • Yoga sequences for the workplace  (including chair yoga routines)

Wellness training manuals are available as supplemental training tools.

Wellness Facilitator Training

Clients who have already benefited from a Wellness training include: CT Valley Hospital, CT Department of Corrections (prison reform for youth and adults), CT Women’s Consortium, Alliance World Assurance, and many other schools, organizations and health agencies.

Workplace Wellness Saves Money!!
Clinical findings show that workplace wellness improves productivity, decision-making skills, and saves money! Wellness techniques are known to decrease stress “which reduces the medical costs of stress-related illnesses and absenteeism”, says Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna Health Insurance Co. The insurance giant conducted a ‘Wellness at Work’ research study and found significant health cost savings and an increase in employee productivity!


To receive more information about a Wellness program for your organization, contact Kathleen @ 860-967-4881 or email via our contact form.