Workplace Wellness Techniques For Self-Care

Self-care. You know you need to do it. It’s at the top of your daily to-do list. Your own experience confirms how good it is for you and your family!  Everyone always benefits when you’re feeling centered and good about yourself.

You know you won’t get fired for practicing a mini-Wellness sequence at your desk.  In fact, you’ll actually contribute positive energy to your workplace.  You’ll even inspire some of your co-workers to join you.

Time isn’t the reason, no matter how much that little inner voice tries to convince you otherwise.  If it were, you wouldn’t allow all those other distractions to divert your attention.

So what is it really that’s stopping you?

It could be that your brain is hard-wired to only perform work-related tasks while at work.  Or your brain may be wired with a deep survival pattern that triggers fear when you think about doing anything but work while on the clock.

“Neurons that fire together wire together.”

Canadian neuropsychologist, Donald Hebb, known for his work in associative learning coined the phrase, “Neurons that fire together wire together”.  Every experience, thought, feeling, and physical sensation that we have triggers thousands of neurons which form a neural network.  This means that when we repeat an experience over and over, the brain learns to trigger (or fire) the same neurons each time, strengthening our beliefs and habits.  This is a tremendous support mechanism for positive behaviors you’d like to maintain, but a difficult reality when trying to overcome unsupportive, destructive ways of being.

The good news!  Since ‘neurons that fire together wire together’, you can begin thinking constructive thoughts about taking care of yourself at work and feel excited about it. The old thoughts and energy responsible for your actions need to be reconditioned.  With practice and over time, you will develop a strong, hard-wired neural network that provides mental and emotional internal support for your on-the-job wellness routines.

Re-train Your Brain To Incorporate A Daily Wellness Routine:

New intentions must be set. To implement a healthy, wellness routine into your daily work schedule, you’ll need to create the following inner/outer alignment:

  • Strength to endure the mundane, unknown state while making the change
  • Courage to change direction
  • The power of your imagination to visualize your future self incorporating a self-care routine at work.
  • Realistic, achievable goals: schedule short, mini wellness routines you can do right at your work station.

The chair yoga sequence below will help you build physical strength while creating ‘state of presence’. Being present is multi-purposeful.  It strengthens concentration and focus. While in this blissful state, you can sink into the deepest part of yourself, accessing that wonderful sense of interconnectedness.

To begin, set aside 3-minutes in your morning and afternoon schedule to practice the following chair yoga sequence.  This mini routine will keep your spine nice and flexible while releasing all those nasty toxins that build up due to tension and stress.


Head Rolls:

Head Rolls 1
Head Rolls 2
Head Rolls 3

Modified Cat / Cow

Modified Cat / Cow

Heart Salute

Heart Salute

Physical limitations?

The purpose of workplace wellness is to de-stress. Regardless of how far you can reach and stretch your body, you can still access inner peace. Simply focus on your breath while you engage in gentle, slow movements that feel good. Move at a pace that is comfortable for you – don’t worry about how far or deep your co-workers can stretch.  Should you move only an 1/8 of a centimeter, you’re still allowing life force to flow within your body! Celebrate it!!

Imagine your breath tickling the inside of that tense area until it begins to relax.

If you should have an injury or a chronic illness that prohibits movement, you can still center and rejuvenate by focusing on your breath.  Mindful breathing is a powerful wellness tool because it brings you into present time.  Follow your breath as it travels in and out of your body. Invite your breath to brush up against any tension or tightness you may be experiencing physically or emotionally. Feel your breath entering any tight spots that you may be holding.  Imagine your breath tickling the inside of that tense area until it begins to relax. Visualize everything inside of you opening up and releasing. Watch your internal muscles and organs sigh huge signs of relief as you give them permission to let go. Do this often enough until your body is completely relaxed.  You may not have moved physically with a stretch, but you will have relieved muscle tension and expanded your inner thought fields – where all healing begins and ends.

Small steps create big, long-lasting change!

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