Unity and Duality

Higher states of consciousness such as peace and acceptance create the more pleasant emotional experiences like calm, balance, and feeling rejuvenated.  As you transform dualistic ‘lower’ thought-forms, you heal the split within and unite with your real self.  Your body becomes a much sturdier container to sustain the joyful feelings of the unified state.

From the Pathwork Guide: “The only way you can truly enter the unitive state where you can truly achieve mastery, is by letting go of the false need to win, to be separate, to be special, to be right, to have it your own way.  This does not mean resignation, nor does it mean fearful giving in or weakness.  It means going with the stream of life and coping with what is as yet beyond your immediate control, whether or not it is according to your liking.”

Join us this evening for an in-depth discussion on how to contact your unified, real self.  

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