The Spiritual Law of Unity

Your spirit is always with you. It remains intact during the entirety of your life-time. When you set your intention to align with your spiritual self, you create the proper inner conditions to access divine intelligence. Spiritual inspiration is revealed to you in ways you can personally understand.

Emotional beliefs are birthed in human experience and shouldn’t be confused with eternal truths. When you are open enough and ready to let go of limited, dualistic thinking for the sake of truth, your spiritual self will emerge.

Divine intelligence is inclusive. It provides insight into other’s perspectives and opinions. Its depth of understanding always offers comfort. This profound connection that streams through you has lasting value. Dualistic thoughts such as either/or, good/bad, and right/wrong finally lose their power. A sense of completeness fills you as your spiritual values integrate with your human behaviors.

Union with God happens when you give up dualistic thinking for the sake of truth.

From the Pathwork Guide: “On the unified plane of consciousness there are no opposites. There is no good or bad, no right or wrong, no life or death. There is only good, only right, only life. The unified state of consciousness is attained through understanding or knowingness. You already have, in your real self, a unified state of mind, regardless of how unconscious and ignorant you may be of it … Now, even those who have never heard of such a thing have a deep longing and a mostly unconscious sense of a different state of mind and life experience than the one they know. They yearn for the freedom, blissfulness, and mastery of life that the unified state of consciousness affords.” The Guide, Pathwork Lecture # 143:
‘Unity and Duality’

Realign With Your Spiritual Mind
Spiritual Law: Unity
Violation: Separation
Violating Behaviors: Antagonism, disharmony, inferiority, isolation, narcissism

Unity Challenge

  1. Think of a person that triggers discomfort or negativity within you. Write down all the things you don’t like about this person.
  2. Next, imagine yourself in this person’s shoes. From this person’s perspective, write down all the things that they may think of you.
  3. Meditate and ask to be open to receive a unified perspective about this matter. Pray for the courage to accept the truth, even if it’s not what you want to acknowledge. Pray for the strength to dissolve any resistance you may have. Write down what comes to you.

Thoughts to Think

“I am willing to accept the truth and receive a unified perspective that centers me in calm.”

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