The Spiritual Law of Relaxation

Relaxation is a dynamic movement that is alive, yet calming. The relaxed state is a peaceful energetic force that is fueled by a happy-go-lucky and light-hearted attitude.

You have everything you need to feel calm throughout your day. You may know this intellectually, but still find yourself struggling to relax. If so, check in and see if you’re trying to rationalize your emotions away.

Intensity and other aggressive behaviors can often be misconstrued as passionate involvement. Light-heartedness can be mistakenly perceived as weak or not caring enough. These misconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Stressful, intense thoughts cause a rigid inner constriction that prevents life force from flowing freely.

Try to objectively observe your self-talk. Are you kind to yourself? Or do you make cruel statements such as: ‘I should know this already!’, ‘I’m not capable enough!’ ‘I’ll never be chosen!’? If so, change it. For example, when feeling pressured, you can say something to yourself like, ‘Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’ll ask for help, or more time, or more information, or whatever, so I can get what I need.’ As you fulfill your needs, you will feel more fulfilled, less anxious, and more relaxed.

Kindness, consideration, and self-care always create a relaxed state of mind. Learn how to identify when your intensity is masking your fear. Learn to recognize when strict seriousness pretends to be your helpful friend. For as long as fear dictates, you will remain inflexible.

From the Pathwork Guide: “People’s habitual state is one of more or less taut intensity which is foreign to and incompatible with the universal power. In order to be compatible with the universal power, it is necessary that the personality is in inner and outer relaxation. Such relaxation does not imply immobility, nor lack of energy. It is not the kind of false relaxation that does not breathe, move, or respond. Quite the contrary. It expands and contracts like breathing – is rhythmic and relaxed; effortless, yet vibrating with power, poised and calm, peaceful and dynamic. This state, when attempting to describe it, may easily be confused with indifference, passivity, or laxness. It is none of these. But it is entirely free from tension due to fear, pride, and self will.” The Guide, Pathwork Lecture #151: ‘Intensity: An Obstacle to Self-Realization’

Realign With Your Spiritual Mind
Spiritual Law: Relaxation
Violation: Intensity
Violating Behaviors: Dramatization, Inflexibility, Rigidity, Stress, Severity, Stagnation

Relaxation Exercise:

  1. Observe where your physical body may be tense or constricted. Dialogue with it, ask: “Why are you so tight?” Listen and try to identify the belief that is holding the tension.
  2. How often do you respond with habitual behavior because you won’t acknowledge your real feelings? What feelings are you avoiding?
  3. Allow your real feelings to surface. Are you still reluctant to acknowledge something about yourself? If so, why?

Thoughts to Think

“My natural state is relaxed and calm. I will lean into any tension that exists within my mind and body until it melts so life force can flow freely.”

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