The Spiritual Law of Mobility

In the unified state, everything is in harmonious, constant motion including your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions.

Every time you think a thought, a movement is made. When you envision yourself receiving a promotion at work, winning a trophy, or sharing pleasurable moments with a loved one, your thoughts move through the sea of the universal energy field.

The movements of your mind contribute greatly to the outcome of your life’s experiences. When your thoughts are positively aligned with universal truth, your body is fueled with feelings of warmth, calm, peace and rejuvenation. Personal biases are thought-forms ‘stuck’ in misconception. The energy of distortion doesn’t flow freely and move forward. It’s trapped in its own limited belief, circling round and round in a repeated pattern that goes nowhere. A thought-form mired in years of a particular belief creates sluggish movement or ‘psychic paralysis’. Running in a blizzard storm can seem easier than trying to redirect such deeply ingrained, energetic grooves.

If you have difficulty maintaining happiness, identify the place and time that you chose not to feel good anymore. You may have unresolved childhood hurts that are continuing to spin in contracted states of fear. You could have pain that remains buried, stuck and unprocessed. If so, dig it out and move it forward into present time. Consult your spiritual mind for guidance if you’re not sure how. This is a wonderful exercise for your soul.

From the Pathwork Guide: “The entire universe is permeated with a vibrant life substance. This tremendous life substance is in continuous motion. This substance consists of forces of such tremendous power that people have only begun to discover them vaguely and to a limited degree. Whether this power be physical, such as electrical or atomic power, or mental power makes no difference, for it is all the same power, or different facets of the same power. This power is a very impressionable mass, a substance that can be governed and molded only by consciousness.” Pathwork Lecture # 135: ‘Mobility in Relaxation’

Realign With Your Spiritual Mind
Spiritual Law: Mobility
Violation: Stagnation
Violating Behaviors: Apathy, depression, laziness, procrastination

Mobility Challenge

  1. Observe one of your fantasies. It could be a wish or a daydream, something you would like to create in your life. Compare the fantasy with your reality.
  2. Write down your pure, positive intention that mobilizes and supports your wish.
  3. Record any negativity that interferes with your wish (i.e., pride, vanity, one-upmanship, etc.). When and why did you merge your life force with this negativity?
  4. Connect with your spiritual self through meditation. Ask for help to release the pain that is maintaining your negative intention. Ask for guidance to make your fantasy become real and pure.

Thoughts to Think
“Life is in constant motion. My thoughts are in motion. I have the ability to direct my thoughts and energy in directions that are positive, healthy, and eternally lasting.”

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