The Spiritual Law of Free Will

The will of your spiritual mind is the same as God’s will for you – complete happiness and total fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Free will generously offers the gift of choice. You are free to choose your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and behaviors. As free will is spiritual law, God will not intervene in your decision-making unless you ask.

You can always identify the will of your spiritual self by its tone, ‘feel’, and location. The rays that deliver your spiritual messages emanate from the area of your solar plexus where the spiritual magnetic field is located. These soft and consistent messages travel through the mental and emotional subtle bodies until reaching the outer regions of your physical body and beyond.

Your outer mind also has a will of its own, which is often at odds with the intentions of your spiritual mind. You can easily recognize thoughts that are driven solely by your outer intellect by a lack of inner calm. When you’re feeling restless, look no further than to the motives of your ‘lower’ self. Negativity not only steals your peace, but produces tension, pressure and friction with others as well.

If you should happen to notice that you’re willing your power in two opposing directions, pause. Once you slow yourself down enough, you can identify the origin of your thoughts and motives. As you reflect, you can choose to focus only on what’s best and move forward with positive, clear intention.

The power is yours. Choose wisely.

From the Pathwork Guide: “God has created the Universe, which is governed by an infinite number of laws. He created His children and gave them free will so they could choose to keep or not to keep the laws long before this earth and this material world came into existence. The keeping of these laws entails happiness, love, harmony, light, and supreme wisdom, because God, who is perfect, cannot create anything but perfection. Yet, if any creature were to be forced to stay within the framework of these laws, as if they had no free will, the laws would neither be what they are, nor would they be in accordance with the nature of God.” Pathwork Lecture #18: ‘Free Will’

Realign With Your Spiritual Mind
Law: Free Will
Violation: Domination
Violating Behaviors: Control, manipulation, subordination, submission, victimization

Free Will Challenge

  1. List all the successes in your life where you have had tremendous progress and outcomes. List as many as you would like.
  2. What choices did you make to produce such satisfactory results?
  3. Think of a situation where you tried to force or manipulate someone or some situation to get your own way (no matter how subtle).
  4. Identify the error in your thought process that made you think you had to be manipulative or forceful.
  5. By not aligning with the highest intention within yourself, what price did you pay?

Thoughts to Think
“I choose happiness, fulfillment and peace by aligning with my spiritual self, which is also the will of God.”

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