The Spiritual Law of Compatibility

Your spiritual self is already compatible with the universal life force. You can sense this immense, benign power when your thoughts are aligned with your divine intentions.

When ‘I’ is considered more important than ‘we’, an energetic split occurs within your psyche. You separate yourself from the unified state. Other dualistic thoughts such as either/or, good/bad, winner/loser also contribute to this inner division. Whenever you are presented with a dualistic choice of ‘me’ vs. ‘them’, ask your spiritual self for advice on how to establish ‘we’ consciousness. The spiritual mind is inclusive and always considers everyone involved. It will provide you with the universal perspective.

Every time you dissolve a negative belief, you become more compatible with your spiritual self in the unified state. Be persistent when you summon your inner divinity. Inspiration communicates in many forms. Be ready. Expect to be fulfilled. Expect to receive answers. Expect obstacles to vanish as you identify more and more with your spiritual being.

The spirit of truth is available to you always.

From the Pathwork Guide: “Your compatibility with life lies in trusting it and building on this trust; in knowing that it is unlimited and that it brings forth exactly according to your expectation, attitude, and concept. The firmer this conviction becomes as you repeatedly experience this truth, the more trustful, relaxed, positive, creative and generous you become.” Pathwork Lecture #179: ‘Chain Reactions In the Dynamics of Creative Life Substance’

Realign With Your Spiritual Mind
Spiritual Law: Compatibility
Violation: Duality; inner division of attitudes and opinions
Violating Behaviors: Bullying, backstabbing, deceit, dishonesty, double-dealing, two-faced

Compatibility Challenge

  1. Identify a situation where you perceive yourself as being any of the following: the loser or winner; right or wrong; good or bad.
  2. Write down all of your personal beliefs about what it means to perceive yourself as both, wrong and right.
  3. Imagine yourself as a pure, spiritual being. Then review your answers in question #2 from this unified state. Pray for help to receive objective responses that are compatible with universal truth.

Thoughts to Think
“I know there are more than two options available for any situation. I open myself up to receive the intelligence and wisdom of my spiritual self. I invite this part of myself to inspire and harmonize all of my relationships.”

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