The Fall

Healing the Divide Within!  

In this profound lecture, the Guide explains how we came to be and offers practical steps to heal defensive behaviors that cause inner division. Valuable tools that increase self-awareness and connect you with your innermost being. 

From the Pathwork Guide: “So my advice is this: think, first, what seems most difficult for you in relation with other people. After you have found this out, consider what is within you that is causing this trend. Then decide whether you are really ready to let go and overcome, not only for the sake of your own freedom; but for the sake of God; for the sake of your own spirit; your own higher self; for the sake of your development; for the love you could only then give and receive; for your complete fulfillment.  Are you ready to do that?”   

*Mindfulness exercises and meditation are offered to embody the lecture material. 

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