Turning To God

Do you seek God out of the fullness of your life? Do you turn to God in your disappointment and ask, “Help me to find out what it is within myself that made such an occurrence inevitable? What can I learn from it?” Or, do you turn to God when contact with others has proven unsatisfactory, when not enough love is forthcoming?

From the Pathwork Guide: “To seek God out of the fullness of life means to enter life without cowardice, to open yourself  to everything life may bring – hardship and joy; unhappiness and happiness; periods of darkness and periods of light; disappointments in other human beings, yet never becoming hard; always trusting again and again, trying to have an understanding heart. And most of all, never be afraid of your feelings, of life such as it is.  That is the fullness of life. To ask how to find your own faults and how to change your inner currents is true and mature spirituality. Only you can remove the hurdles for an independent channel to receive God’s will, God’s answers for you.  You do not have to be a medium for that. Every human being on the right road can receive answers from God.”

Please join us tonight for an in-depth discussion about ‘Turning to God’.  Explore how your beliefs about God mirror your inner state and can guide you in your emotional and spiritual growth!

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