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Connect to your deeper purpose! Through the integration of our human and spiritual experiences, the power of love flows, permeates, and heals what is split-off within ourselves. 

June Schedule

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2nd Wednesday

June 9th

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Pathwork Free Zoom Lecture Discussion

June Lecture: ‘The Call – Daily Review’, Read lecture here:

From the Pathwork Guide: If all your inner currents were flowing according to divine law, you would certainly be able to love. Each one of your faults and shortcomings is a direct hindrance to the unfolding of love. When I say unfoldment, I mean that the love you wish to give forth is already within you. You cannot receive it from the outside. It exists within you, but it is covered by obstructing layers that prevent your love from shining through, from manifesting itself. These layers are, as I said, your faults, your fears, and your ignorance of spiritual law. These layers have to disappear, and this can only be accomplished by your very personal and serious endeavors.

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4th Wednesday – Deep Dive

No Summer Deep Dive Classes – Next Deep Dive: Fall, September 22nd

Deep dive sessions are designed to go deeper into the lecture material by exploring the content conceptually and viscerally. Materials include a study guide and overview of key-terms, skill sets, and practical tools to take away for on-going use.  There is a fee for this session and registration is required.

Fee: $20.00
Register via PayPal button below.

Once you’re registered, you will receive an email confirmation and Zoom link to the Deep Dive session. Look forward to seeing you soon!

*Mindfulness exercises and meditation are an integral part of each Zoom discussion to embody the lecture material. 

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3D Pathwork Meditation Classes Beginning this Fall!

2nd & 3rd Wednesdays FULL – WAITLIST

3D (Deep Dive Dialogues)

Pathwork Meditation Zoom classes

7:00pm – 9:00pm

In addition to 1st Wednesday free lecture discussions and 4th Wednesday Deep Dives, 3D (Deep Dive Dialogues) Meditation classes will be offered on 2nd & 3rd Wednesdays! 

From the Pathwork Guide: “We are gathered together for the immense purpose of bringing into this realm of matter and duality a new vibratory force and a new unity of consciousness.  Growing intuitive perception, inner knowledge — first about the self, then about the innermost being of others, and eventually also about cosmic truth and creation — extends into an experience of eternal life. The certainty of it!”  

We will use the meditation tools from the lectures below to practice and develop constructive, inner dialogues with the various aspects of self.  

Fall Pathwork Lectures

September: Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches, PL #194

October: Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance, PL #162

November: Humanity’s Relationship to God in Various Stages of Development, PL #105

December: Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness, PL #212

Cost for ‘3D’ series: $175.00  ($25.00/class)

*Note: Payment is required for all of the 3D classes to hold your seat.  Payment can be made in full, or monthly.

To reserve your spot, email:

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Hope to see you online soon!

The 258 Pathwork lectures provide step-by-step guidance for mind body spirit integration. Each lecture offers valuable tools for spiritual growth and emotional development, including relaxation techniques to open the channel to your inner most being.

*The Pathwork organization is a worldwide spiritual community.