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Connect to your deeper purpose! Through the integration of our human and spiritual experiences, the power of love flows, permeates, and heals what is split-off within ourselves. 

March Schedule

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2nd Wednesday

March 10th

7:00pm – 9:00

Free Monthly Pathwork Lecture Discussion

March Lecture: ‘The Defense’, Read lecture here

From the Pathwork Guide : Defensiveness not only damages your physical body, but limits your thoughts, your range of emotions, your concepts and your creativity, your spiritual life, your ability to relate to others, your inner freedom, your concern with truth, and therefore, also your ability to love and respect yourself and others. All this is due to a completely erroneous concept of perfectionism, in which you believe that your value and acceptability are at stake because you have imperfections.  If people would learn to deeply probe within to find and eliminate this defensive wall, so much hardship could be avoided in day-to-day communications.

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4th Wednesday

March 24th

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Deep Dive Session

March Deep Dive: ‘The Defense’, Read lecture here

Deep dive sessions are designed to go deeper into the lecture material by exploring the content conceptually and viscerally. Materials include a study guide and overview of key-terms, skill sets, and practical tools to take away for on-going use.  There is a fee for this session and registration is required.

From the Pathwork Guide : “When you are more or less permanently defensive because you believe, erroneously, that any hurt or frustration, any criticism or rejection is a danger you must guard against, you limit the range of your feelings. You also limit the potentials of your creativity, your ability to reach out into life and communicate with others, to love and to understand, and to feel and express yourself. In short, your spiritual life is gravely impaired.”  

Fee: $20.00
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*Mindfulness exercises and meditation are an integral part of each Zoom discussion to embody the lecture material. 

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The 258 Pathwork lectures provide step-by-step guidance for mind body spirit integration. Each lecture offers valuable tools for spiritual growth and emotional development, including relaxation techniques to open the channel to your inner most being.

*The Pathwork organization is a worldwide spiritual community.