Pathwork Lecture Zoom Discussions

Connect to your deeper purpose! Through the integration of our human and spiritual experiences, the power of love flows, permeates, and heals what is split-off within ourselves.

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Fall Focus: 

Connecting With Your Higher Self 

Free Pathwork Zoom Discussions

1st Wednesdays

7:00pm – 9:00pm

We will practice meditation exercises from the Pathwork lectures below to develop constructive, inner dialogue that leads to self-acceptance and the opening to your Higher Self.

From the Pathwork Guide: “We are gathered together for the immense purpose of bringing into this realm of matter and duality a new vibratory force and a new unity of consciousness.”  

Fall Lectures:

September: Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches, PL #194

October: Three Levels of Reality for Inner Guidance, PL #162

November: Humanity’s Relationship to God in Various Stages of Development, PL #105

December: Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness, PL #212

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The 258 Pathwork lectures provide step-by-step guidance for mind body spirit integration. Each lecture offers valuable tools for spiritual growth and emotional development including relaxation techniques to open the channel to your inner most being.

*The Pathwork organization is a worldwide spiritual community.