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Pathwork Lecture Discussion Group For Spiritual Transformation

First Fridays / Monthly – 2019/2020


Pathwork teaches us: “Life is relationship… If you do not relate at all, you do not live. You may relate positively or negatively. But the moment you relate, you live.

‘Relationship’ is the theme we will explore together in our free monthly discussion groups based on the Pathwork lectures, a body of spiritual wisdom for self-awareness, emotional growth and inner transformation. Pathwork Teachers lead the discussions which include meditations, prayers and exercises. You can download any Pathwork lecture (PL) for free at PL #s listed below for each monthly lecture.  Open to new and experienced  Pathworkers.  Come to one or all of the discussions! 

This year’s lecture series:

Relationship to Self

Oct. 4   PL #84 –  Love, Power and Serenity

Nov. 1  PL #132 – Function of Ego in Relationship to Real Self

Dec. 6  PL #89 – Emotional Growth & Its Function

Relationship With Others

Jan. 3  PL #180 – Spiritual Significance of Human Relationships

Feb. 7  PL #138 – Human Predicament of Desire for and Fear of Closeness

Mar. 6  PL #185 – Mutuality

Relationship With God

Apr. 3  PL #52 – The God Image

May 1   PL #35 – Turning To God

Jun 5   PL #36  – Prayer


WHERE:  UNITY of Greater Hartford, 919 Ellington Road, South Windsor, CT


Time:  7:00pm – 9:00pm

Cost: Free

RSVP:  Tel. 860.967.4881 or email:


*RSVP is required as seating is limited. Please check our website for updates.  A date may be changed or cancelled due to bad weather, etc.

*Pathwork is a worldwide spiritual community whose purpose is to embody the principles and practices contained in the Pathwork Guide lectures.