Wellness Lessons For Social Emotional Learning


By Kathleen Kiley Fisher

Wellness-educated people are positive, constructive, productive people! Wellness education and social emotional learning provides the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue goals that lead to fulfilling, rewarding life experiences.

This guide provides 65 mind body spirit techniques that can be practiced individually or in group sessions to enhance:

  • Self-Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Relationship Skills 
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision-Making

Delve in and make wellness a part of your daily routine. You’ll create personal and professional experiences that are meaningful, positive, and deeply satisfying!

Personalized Self-Care Wellness Worksheets Included!

Price: $24.99

Destress with Mind, Body, and Breath


Includes a complete instructional guide for chair yoga

By Kathleen Kiley Fisher

Destress With Mind, Body and Breath was created from a simple request. I was asked to assist in the development of a Wellness program for CT Valley Hospital. Our objectives were clear:  a) train a cadre of healthcare staff in chair yoga, deep breathing and mindfulness techniques; and  b) establish Wellness protocols so staff could offer stress management techniques to patients. Week after week, training after training, Destress With Mind, Body, and Breath was written. It has since become a Wellness workbook for many state health agencies and organizations who seek to incorporate Wellness into the workplace.

Each chapter includes powerful tools to increase energy levels, improve balance, and restore calm. These clinically proven relaxation techniques can be done anywhere.

The complete chair yoga instructional guide also provides scripted dialogue so destress lessons can be practiced with family, co-workers and friends.

Price: $24.99



By Kathleen Kiley Fisher

The Spiritual Mind is an inspirational guide for anyone seeking calm and inner peace. Filled with mindfulness practices, this transformational process guides you to the wisdom of your mind and body to heal deep-seated soul issues. Mindfulness techniques for emotional development pave the way.

The 21 spiritual laws from the Pathwork Guide lectures provide practical guidance on how to build inner strength from the inside out.  The 21 laws show you how to:

  • Access the soulful intelligence of your spiritual mind
  • Identify childhood beliefs that block the wisdom of your spiritual voice
  • Let go of attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Remain centered in your true self
  • Surrender to the natural healing abilities of your mind and body
  • Sustain happiness through a harmonious mind, body, spirit connection

Also, an entire section on dream interpretation!  Practice worksheets are included to decode those valuable nocturnal messages.

The Spiritual Mind – a practical path to the eternal wisdom of your soul.

Price: $24.99


Putumayo Presents Yoga

A soothing collection of songs for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Price: $12.50

Listen to samples from Yoga:


Yoga Lounge

Yoga Lounge presents an array of sleek chill-out tracks that range from ambient grooves and light electronica to gentle worldbeat sounds.

Price: $12.50

Listen to samples from Yoga Lounge:


World Yoga

Take a relaxing journey around the world with these soothing songs from Mali to Nepal and beyond.

Price: $12.50

Listen to samples from World Yoga:


De-Stress Wristbands

What good is chair yoga if you can’t remember the poses?  The De-Stress wristband is a wearable, friendly reminder to restore and calm.

1 De-Stress Wristband:  $4.00

Package of 10: $30.00