Kathleen Kiley Fisher is the Founder and President of Wellness Insights, LLC, Mind Body Spirit for Health. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Yoga Training Facilitator, Kathleen works with staff in corporations, healthcare facilities and state agencies offering Wellness training in yoga (including chair yoga), mindfulness, and other mind/body techniques to de-stress, calm, and restore.

Kathleen is the author of several Wellness Training Manuals including ‘De-Stress Using Your Mind, Body, and Breath’, ‘Energy Medicine ~ An Integrative Approach to Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit’, ‘Intuiting the Authentic Self’ and ‘Spirituality – Its Effects on Wellness and Behavior’. All of the training manuals are self-help workbooks that include instruction and exercises for optimal self-care.

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Kathleen’s health and wellness workbooks include Spirituality & Its Effects on Wellness and Behavior, Energy Medicine – An Integrative Approach to Healing the Mind Body and Spirit, Spiritual Laws ∞ Divine Truths for Mental and Behavioral Health, and De-Stress Using Your Mind, Body and Breath ~ Wellness Solutions for Stress Management.

The material can be used as an individualized program or it can be developed into hourly group sessions on selected topics.

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Kathleen Rose Fisher

Kathleen is available for Individual Sessions, Spirituality & Wellness Sessions, Training & Workshops, and Workplace Wellness Programs.

The sessions cover topics that help integrate the mind, body, spirit connection from a health and wellness perspective and include yoga, deep breathing techniques, and other mind/body techniques for preventive self-care.

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Spirituality, Wellness & Recovery

When the mind is clear and the body is relaxed, an inner pathway opens that allows life force to flow freely.  This natural healing energy permeates all levels within, strengthening a deep sense of interconnectedness.

Whether it be an individual session, class or workshop that you’d like to attend, you’ll receive healing and wellness tools that inspire and contribute to your optimal well-being.  Mind body spirit techniques that can be done anytime at work or home.

Spirituality, wellness & recovery techniques:

  • Access the supreme intelligence of your spiritual mind
  • Activate transmissions of healing energy within the mental, emotional, and physical body
  • Calm, balance, and rejuvenate
  • Relieve stress
  • Restore your natural rhythm
  • Sustain a harmonious mind, body, spirit connection

If I can be of assistance, please call 860-967-4881 or click here to send me an e-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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